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Who’s #1 & A New Reading RECORD!


Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Kimber here. Her Momness  – aka: ‘Ole Bleary Eyes – would send Christmas greetings herself. But she’s just settled her brains for a long winter’s nap.

“Why is Mom napping during The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?!” you ask.

Good question.

25 in 8

Short answer: Mom just bested her own book reading record.  The new trophy reads: 25 Books in 8 Days.

#1, Baby!!

I’m not makin’ this up.  In fact, she wears the crown for Top Reviewer at Reedsy/Discovery this month. And I don’t mean in the top ten. Nope. Mom is THE Top Reviewer. As in, #1.


I know what you’re thinking, Cupcake. But nope. These weren’t picture books. Mom’s average read was 320+ pages. (Told ya Mom reads fast. Think greased lightning, if ya know what I mean.)

Besides reading 25 books in eight days, Mom reviewed every title. She gave out a lot of threes. You know. Average. Okay, but nothing that’s going to light up the literary world. She also gave out several twos. As in, Not for me. There were some fours. But not a lot.

Well. You know Mom. She also gave out some ones. As in, Gag me with cat nip! How the heck did something this bad have the nerve to break into print? Barf!

Just Two

Of the 25 books Mom read and reviewed earlier this month, only two earned the coveted Mom and Kimber 5 Star Rating. Those two titles will be featured here in January. So stay tuned.


Anyway Mom, how did you read and review 25 books in 8 days?

“Easy, Kimmi,” replies Mom. “It’s all about discipline and motivation. Chocolate and neck rubs help, too. (If I only had opposable thumbs. Good thing we have Dad!)

Here’s the link to Mom’s Reedy/Discovery page, in case you’re interested, Toots. She also picked up this badge this month:

Write 50 reviews

Who luvs ya, baby?!

Which is all to say Mom is pretty tuckered today. So I’ll get back to makin’ that list and checkin’ it twice. ‘Ole Bleary Eyes can help. Soon as she wakes up. Like next spring. Cuz 25 books in 8 days is a lot. Even for Her Royal Momness.

How’s your December reading going?

4 thoughts on “Who’s #1 & A New Reading RECORD!

  1. What an exciting accomplishment! Tell your mom congratulations, Kimber, and let us know when she wakes up and is reading again. lol.

  2. Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment!

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