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Fine Wine Fridays

Want to read more? Find more books like your favorites?

Well woof and double woof!

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Fine Wine Fridays

Kimber here. I can’t wait to tell you about a new feature Mom and I are launching here at Pages and Paws. We’re calling it Fine Wine Fridays. (I was holding out for Excellently Scrumptious and Splendiferous Read-a-Like Book Lists That Are So Delicious, They’re Even Better Than My Fave Dog Chow or Squeaky Toy. Mom nixed that. You know how moms are.)

Anyway! We’ll be featuring The Best in rich, full bodied read-a-like books on select Fridays. You may even want to sit down with these titles and pair them with a glass of… whatever.


We’ll add more read-a-likes here as we publish, so you can see the different groupings all in one place. We’ll update when we can. (I know. It’s a bark-worthy stroke of brilliance. And to be honest, it was my idea. Well, okay. Mom helped a little. You know how moms are.)

Be sure to check in again for more rich, full-bodied read-a-likes and special features! Like fine wine, we only recommend books we’ve actually” tasted.”

See ya soon!

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