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Sample Review Request

Hello and thanks for popping in.

If you’re reading this page, we figure it’s because you’re an author who’s interested in submitting a review request. Great! But there are some things you should know before doing so. That’s what’s this page is for.

First, we receive tons of requests for reviews. We accept less than half. Here are a few pointers to boost your chances of getting your review request accepted. (These are FYI only. No promises or guarantees.):

Please take the time to read our Rating System and Submission Guidelines. We have specific requirements when considering review requests. Find out more about what we are and aren’t looking for in our Submission Guidelines. It’ll save both of us a lot of time.

And since you asked Real Nice, here’s a sample review request (again, this is FYI only. No promises or guarantees):

Subject line: Review Request

Hi Mom and Kimber!

I was reading your incredibly brilliant blog recently and appreciate your sheer genius and Kimber’s Manifest Magnificence!

I’m writing to request a Pages and Paws review of my new (genre xx) book, xxx (title). It’s about xx (brief book description). I’ve read your Submission Guidelines and think my book is a good fit for Pages and Pages, the Coolest Book Blog on the Planet. Here’s some basic info.

  • My book is xx pages and rated G or PG.
  • My target audience is xx.
  • My book is xx pages.
  • The genre is xx.
  • It’s available in print copy.

I understand you have a ginormous backlog. But I’m hugely patient and can send a print copy or PDF and extra crispy bacon as soon it comes out of the pan (the bacon, not the book). If you like my book, I promise to Like and Comment on your review and share links into Infinity and Beyond.

I eagerly await thy royal bidding, O Supremely Regal Ones.

Submit your review request to: Include “Review Request” in the subject line. We accept less than half of the review requests received and reserve the right to reject any review request without any explanation whatsoever.

So good luck and TTFN!