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Missing It

Fall trees and skyI missed it. One day summer was in full swing. I blinked. Next thing I knew, frost feathered rooftops, morning air started biting and pachyderm clouds unpacked for the duration.

Last year fall seeped off the calendar and slid into winter when I wasn’t looking. And I missed it.

When You Aren’t Lookin’

It’s easy to say that same about writing, isn’t it?  It’s easy to slide your writing into “some day.” To get buried in busyness and say, I was going to finish chapter twenty-two today, but…  I haven’t actually finished the proposal… I planned to, but… thought about… talked about… considered… maybe…

Yet that novel, article, short story, essay, or writing contest entry sits on your desk or in your hard drive unfinished, poised to creep out the back door when you aren’t lookin’.


Some writers I know practically bristle with ideas and unfinished manuscripts.  They talk about writing in sentences punctuated with “one of these days” and “when I get around to it” or “when it slows down some.”

Truth?  If you’re waiting to write until you “have time” or life “slows down some,” chances are you never will.

Tractor in fall fieldDon’t Miss It

Don’t do what I did last fall. Don’t dump your writing on the back burner and leave it there untended. Don’t miss another favorite, be it book, author, opportunity or idea. And don’t feel like you’re alone. I learned from last year.  I re-arranged some priorities. Set some new boundaries. I’m working on some new writing projects.  And believe you me, fall has taken on a whole new flavor this year – much better than last!

What’s “missing” in your writing? How can you get it back?