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A Proclamation and a Torch…

Don’t you love autumn?   Trees change clothes.  Sweater weather chases away shorts and sandals.  The season slows long enough to give us a chance to savor and appreciate what matters – family, faith, friends.  A time for thanks.  That’s one reason I’m once again offering my loyal readers a Thanksgiving gift, a free download of  Isabella’s Torch: A Thanksgiving Memoir.  It’s my way of saying thanks to you. (If you enjoy the short story,  a comment or a review would be appreciated. Thanks!)

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‘Thankful Threes’

Good Monday and Happy Veterans Day!


“Okay,” you say, “‘Good’ and ‘Monday’ should never appear together in the same sentence.” Point taken. But hang on a minute. It gets better. Promise.

Writing about “good” on a gray, gloomy Monday isn’t an “oops.”  It may seem like an “Oops.” But it’s not. No. Really. It’s intentional. Let me explain.

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