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Writing, Reading, and Rural Life With a Border Collie



Hi! I’m Kimber. I’m a rescue dog. I joined my family in August of 2016. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

This blog is about books. Reading. Writing. Rural life with a brilliant Border Collie. Why am I narrating this blog? Because Mom says I’m a ‘natural.’ And that I’m way smarter than she is. I’m not sure what that means. But I like the way it sounds when she says it.

About me? Well, first of all, I am very humble and loyal. Smarter than everyone. I love going for long walks. Chasing frisbees. Guarding the house. Protecting the fam from ne’er-do-wells. FedEx drivers. The neighbor’s cats. Some very sketchy-looking plastic bags.

I like to sit in Mom’s lap when she reads.

This is my Best Friend. I call her Mom. You can call her Kristine. She sometimes answers to that.

Mom is a multi-published author. She has a degree in Communication/Print Media from Biola University and a background in marketing and public relations. She’s been a professional writer since the 80s. (That sounds like a long time. Is that a long time?)

Mom specializes in creative non-fiction, inspirational fiction and humor. (I don’t know what that means. But it sounds good. Can I eat it?)

She also homeschooled my four brothers for 20 years. (That sounds like a lot too. Hmmm.)

Mom likes to write. And read. A lot. She also likes to hike and explore the Pacific Northwest with me, Dad, and my brothers.

Do I smell bacon?