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A Fine, Fair Day On Purpose

Are you chomping at the bit to dive into that roast turkey, snag some more mashed potatoes or grab more cranberry sauce or another slice of pie?  Maybe you’re wishing you’d quit while you could still waddle away from the Thanksgiving table semi-vertical.? If so, I’m gonna keep this short. (Well, kinda.)

Not to restate the obvious here or anything, but Thanksgiving is a day set aside to, uh… “give thanks.”  Count our blessings.  Lift our eyes off our self-soaked lives and look up to the Father of every good gift.

Fine. But is that what Thanksgiving has turned into – “giving thanks” by rote – because we’re supposed to?

Lord, have mercy.

So I have a proposition for ya. This year, when you’re working off that third slice of pumpkin pie you needed like a hole in the head, how ’bout determining to launch into “thanksgiving mode” year-round instead of just the last part of November?

Ready? Okay. I’ll start. I’m thankful for:

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