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TTT: One Word Reviews for the Last 10 Books I Read

“Mom is gonna love this weeks’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic!” spake I, Kimber the Magnificent and Bookish Border Collie Extraordinaire. You know this is so because I say it is.

Anyway, this week’s topic is One Word Review for the Last 10 Books I (We) Read. Sounds easy, no? But when one of us sat down to actually come up with a list of same, we discovered three things:

  1. It’s a lot harder than it sounds.
  2. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. (That’s not a redundant typo, okay?)
  3. Once Her Momness finally got the lead out and got rolling, it was hard to limit the list to just ten. It was easier to limit the list to the last 10-ish good or at least reasonably decent books we read. (We left out the real stinkers. You’re welcome.)

So here ya go:

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TTT: 10-ish Books With an Adjective in the Title

Kimber: “Are we ever gonna have fun with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic! It’s Books with an adjective in the title. Mom, what’s an adjective?”

Mom: “It’s a word that modifies a noun or noun phrase. A describing word.”

Kimber: “As in, Grand, elegant, splendid? Extremely fine and impressive in size or beauty. You know. Like me?”  

Insert eye roll here.

In Unison: Anyway, this was harder than it sounds. But Mom and I joined hand to paw and came up with Ten-ish Books With An Adjective in the Title. Several were favorite read-alouds when the young’un’s were younger. Some are fiction. Some are non. All are “Kimber-tested, Mom approved.” (“Kimber the Magnificent” not included.)

How many do you recognize?

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TTT: Dynamic Duos


It’ time for another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s topic is “dynamic duos.” If you’re thinking Aragorn and Arwen, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, or Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, think again.

Because this week we’re featuring one of the most Dynamic Duos we’ve ever read: Barby Keel and Bailey.

Who? You’re saying. I’d be saying that too if I hadn’t recently read Barby Keel’s Will You Love Me? The Rescue Dog That Rescued Me.

Barby is the author of the Foster Tails series. She’s also the founder and head honcho at the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary in Sussex, U.K.

“Bailey” is a horribly abused and mistreated greyhound who’s dumped at the sanctuary’s gate on a sodden, freezing night. The poor dog is so far gone, he isn’t expected to last the night.

Against all odds, Bailey rallies.

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Books I Hope Santa Brings (sort of)

Pssst! Kimber here. I’m makin’ a list. Checkin’ it twice. For Her Momness. Cuz today’s Top Ten Tuesday is Books I Hope Santa Brings.

The things I do for Mom. Sheesh!

You probably already guessed that Mom’s Book Wish List is a mile long. I tried paring it down. It’s still the list equivalent of War and Peace. (You know Mom!)

So I decided to focus on authors instead. Pretty much anything by these authors is gonna be a winner in our house. I’ll probably get extra bacon. So here goes. Any author on this list ranks high on our Wish List:

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