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TTT: 10-ish Books With an Adjective in the Title

Kimber: “Are we ever gonna have fun with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic! It’s Books with an adjective in the title. Mom, what’s an adjective?”

Mom: “It’s a word that modifies a noun or noun phrase. A describing word.”

Kimber: “As in, Grand, elegant, splendid? Extremely fine and impressive in size or beauty. You know. Like me?”  

Insert eye roll here.

In Unison: Anyway, this was harder than it sounds. But Mom and I joined hand to paw and came up with Ten-ish Books With An Adjective in the Title. Several were favorite read-alouds when the young’un’s were younger. Some are fiction. Some are non. All are “Kimber-tested, Mom approved.” (“Kimber the Magnificent” not included.)

How many do you recognize?

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