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How Not to Dread the Doc in One Easy Read (No, Really)


“The vet? Whaddya mean, ‘The Vet’?!” spake I, Kimber the Magnificent. “I am not goin’ to The Shot Place, period. No how. No way. So don’t even feature it.”

“Umm… Well, Kimmi. It’s time for your semi-annual check-up” replies Her Momness. “C’mon, let’s get going. It’ll be fun!”

Easy for you to say, Toots. Cuz I ain’t budging.

“Wait. Did I say, ‘vet’? asks Mom. “My bad. I really meant Doctor Dan. You know. The place with all your favorite treats and toys?”

When do we leave?

Here’ the human version of that conversation (sort of) via a new NF book by Ann Hester. It’s called Patient Empowerment 101: More than a book, it’s an adventure! 

Note: We received a complimentary copy of this book via Reedsy/Discovery in exchange for an honest review.

Here’s the 4-1-1:

Have you ever left a doctor’s office or hospital and thought, “What just happened? Where do I go from here, and why?” Have you ever struggled to understand “Doctor-ese”? Wondered if all those expensive and uncomfortable tests are really necessary?

Then Ann Hester’s Patient Empowerment 101 is for you.


Let’s face it. Visiting the doctor or spending time in the hospital doesn’t top most people’s lists of Fun Things To Do On My Vacation. Health care can be intimidating, confusing, time-consuming and expensive. It can also feel overwhelming. And not a little stressful.

Patient Empowerment 101 helps minimize all of the above. It aims to “demystify the physician-patient relationship and make the health care system more user friendly.” It hits the target. We’re talkin’ bull’s eye.


Practical and down to earth, this patient-friendly tome takes a look at the medical profession and the health care community from the other side of the stethoscope. It shows patients how to not only efficiently and effectively communicate with your health care professional, but it also outlines pitfalls to avoid in your quest to attain proper care, treatment, and good health. Additionally, it turbo-boosts your chances of getting an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment so you can get healthy and well as quickly as possible.

Topics covered include learning how to:

  • Expedite your diagnoses
  • Slash medical bills
  • Think like doctors.
  • Prepare for your appointment
  • Choose the doctor right for you
  • Health insurance options
  • Staying safe in the hospital
  • Technology in health care
  • The power of an advocate.

Also included are quizzes and links to a website for more information.


Chapters include a Recap section summarizing important elements previously discussed. Three Appendices round out this invaluable resource. They explain Common Medical Tests, Common Medical Abbreviations (Eureka!) and a Glossary of Common Medical Terms (Aha!).

Fresh Air

Indeed, this book is a breath of fresh air. And perhaps most importantly, this book isn’t scary. Or mysterious. None of that medical mumbo-jumbo here. The subject matter is approached in a down to earth and direct manner. Written in plain, easy-to-understand English that’s patient-friendly, Patient Empowerment 101 equips you to “play a proactive role” in your own healthcare. Because “the better informed you are, the more you can help your physicians help you.”

That’s called a win-win. Just like this book. I’d grab a copy now ‘fize you.

Kimber: Does it have treats? Askin’ for a friend.

2 thoughts on “How Not to Dread the Doc in One Easy Read (No, Really)

  1. I definitely could use that book. I dread going to the dr.

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