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7 Sweet Reads for the Little’uns


My baby picture. I know. I’m ADORABLE.

Kimber: Mom! Mom! I found some puppy winners!

Mom: “Puppy winners, Kimmi? What are you barking about?”

Kimber: Insert eye roll here. Moooooom! You. Know. Books for little’uns. You know. Like not yet big dogs. P-u-p-p-i-e-s. (Duh.)

Mom: “Okay, Kim. Calm down. Stop dancing for a min. What did you find?”

Kimber: Thought you’d never ask. Here, with further tail-wagging or barking, is our list of seven soon-to-be available books for children. (You know. P-u-p-p… oh, never mind.) All include warm and rich writing. Bark-worthy illustrations. Some may even include a doggie treat or two. Can I get back to you on that?

Note: We received complimentary copies of these books from Net Galley in exchange for honest reviews. Most are 20 to 30 pages or less.

1. Rise to the Sky

By Rebecca E. Hirsch, illustrated By Mia Posada
Pub Date: 
Ages 5 to 10

Step into a world of arboreal splendor in Rebecca Hirsch’s Rise to the Sky. Learn how some of the world’s tallest trees such as Coast Redwood, Southern Blue Gum and Giant Sequoias grow from seed to root and beyond. How a tree stretches to “feed” itself sunlight. How leaves use sun, water, and carbon dioxide from the air to make sugar and oxygen. How trees are thirsty and how they “drink” and breathe.

Opening the pages of this book is like falling into a vast vat of verdure. You can almost hear the rustle of tree branches and breathe in their natural freshness. Rise to the Sky is a skillful blend of education and awe. Enriching and engaging, Rise to the Sky will surely captivate its target audience of children ages five to ten.

2. Let Me Tell You About My Mom

By Casey Rislov
Pub Date: 
Babies – emergent readers

2 thoughts on “7 Sweet Reads for the Little’uns

  1. Kimber sure was adorable when she was little! These books all looks so cute.

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