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10 Ways to Celebrate NATIONAL BOOK LOVERS DAY!!

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Kimber the Magnificent here.

Can you see me leaping tall buildings in a single bound? Hear me barking my extra ebullient* sunshine bark? (*great word. Mom loaned it to me)? 

Well, I am!

I’m also dancing with Mom today. (Well, okay. One of us is dancing. The other is kind of faking it on two legs.)

Why are we so excited?! Glad you asked!  We’re super-duper excited cuz today is OUR day!! And if you’re reading this, it’s probably YOUR day, too! Like:

Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Yeah, baby!

Book Lovers Day is a great day to celebrate all things bookish. You know. Kind of like we do here all the time! But maybe you can make it a special point to grab an interesting book today. Find a quiet, cozy place (You can’t have Mom’s recliner. I already got dibs). Open that book dive in!

Look at me! I’m still dancing!

10 Ways to Celebrate

And just in case you’re looking for ways to celebrate this auspicious day, here at no extra charge are 10 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day (in no particular order):

1.Read. Duh.

2. Spend the day with an audio book

3. Celebrate a favorite author

Send him or her some fan mail. Post a pic of their book(s) on your social media and explain why you love ‘em. Write up and post that great review on Amazon or Goodreads. Share links!

4. Visit your library

Don’t make me explain this.

5. Re-read an old favorite

Been awhile since you last visited Narnia, Middle Earth, Oz, or Prince Edward Island? Drop in on some old friends by re-rereading a favorite book. Here are some suggestions to get you started: The Dog Days and Children’s Classics.

6. Start a Buddy Read

Connect  with a book-loving bud and start reading together! Add some snacks and make it a party!

7. Get a New Bookcase

Mom and I? We’re always on the lookout for another book case. Cuz, ya know, us bibliophiles can never have too many! We cruise over to the local thrift shop every now and then. We sometimes find some great deals there in the gently used book case department. Or you can visit some place like Home Depot and DIY!

8. Read Aloud to a Young’un

Share some old favorites with your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews or whoever. Mom used to read aloud to my brothers every day when they were littleuns. For at least an hour. A marvelous, magical hour! Yesssss!!!

9. Donate

Look around. Which of your books have you read and re-read and are willing and able to share with others? Check with your local library, school, jail, or a charitable organization. Maybe your neighborhood has one of those cute Little Free Library deals? No one should be without the joy of reading. Share where you can. When you can. What you can.

10. Watch an Adaptation

Grab some snacks and settle in to watch a movie, TV show or series inspired by a great book. Tip: 6 Best Film Adaptations of Classic Books.

How are you celebrating this great day, dear book-loving friends?

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