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Shout Out for ‘Bell Hammers’

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Kimber here. “This looks fun!” says I to Mom. “And it’s not even bacon!”

Bell Hammers

This debut novel looks promising. It purportedly has a Mark Twain-ish ring to it (we love ‘ole Sam Clemens). We just don’t have time to read it right now.

But the author recently reached out to us. He asked for “a quick shout-out on your social media platforms on the 12th of October, the day it comes out.”

Well. Mom and I? We like to be helpful. So:

Shout out for Bell Hammers, a new novel that looks almost as good as crisp-fried bacon.

The book blurb includes:

Four generations of carpenters and lovers take on major oil and coal companies using pranks.



Says the author:

Critics compare it to Mark Twain, but I compare it to my grandpa’s old pranks.

Bell Hammers comes out today. Find out more about Bell Hammers here.

How was that?

Rating System & Submission Guidelines

This might also be a good time to re-introduce our Rating System & Submission Guidelines.

We’re getting quite a few review requests that do not meet our submission parameters. Please save yourself and us some time and effort by taking a few minutes to read our submission guidelines prior to contacting us for a review. We’re picky, okay?

Thanks! and Woof!

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