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‘How-To’ Book on Presentation Prep Packs a Punch

Simple Preaching Prep: A guide to finish your first sermon and flourish beyond. by [Mark Messmore]Simple Preaching Prep

A guide to finish your first sermon and flourish beyond

By Mark Messmore, 2022



“I don’t know about this one, Kimmi girl,” chirps Her Momness the other day. “Does this book look like a good fit for Pages and Paws?”

“Mom,” says I, Kimber the Magnificent.Of course it’s a good fit. Cuz I’m a World Champion Reacher! I reach for unattended New York steaks. Burgers on the counter. A thick, juicy T-bone. (I might even reach for a stray Brussel sprout or two. But let’s get carried away here, okay?”) So, ya see, Mom. I’m an awesome “Reacher!! Right up my kennel!”

“That’s preacher, Kimmi,” says Mom.  Insert eye roll here. Mom says we don’t do pulpit supply – whatever that is – and we’re not big into parsing Greek verbs. Whatever that means. So I dunno about reviewing this book, said one of us.

Which just goes to show you what Mom knows.

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing. Maybe you’re thinking a book on preaching prep isn’t your cuppa. That’s okay. Cuz while Simple Preaching Prep is geared toward Jesus followers, its principles and practical advice will help anyone looking to sharpen their presentation skills, organize their thoughts, and connect with their audience, be that in a church, business, club, discussion group, classroom, or other context.

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