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Kimber Brag and Top 1%!


Isn’t it fun to toot someone else’s horn? I get to do that today! Cuz I’m braggin’ on Mom! (Do you think I’ll get some extra bacon outta this? Hmmm…)

Kimber, chicken bus driver wannabe.

You didn’t think Mom does book reviews just for this blog, did you? Naw! Mom loves books so much, she does reviews all over the place, including this outfit called Book Sirens.

If you hop on to Book Sirens, you’ll find us under PagesAndPaws. Looking all magnificent and everything. (At least one of us, anyway.)

Top 1%

Let’s see. Where was I? Oh yeah. Braggin’ on Her Momness.

Grumpiness aside, Mom is sitting in the Book Sirens cat bird seat as one of their Top Reviewers. As in, Top 1%  (Well. It was mostly me. But Mom helped. A little.)


Mom says, “C’mon, Kimmi. Don’t get your water warm. It’s no big deal, okay?”

No idea what that means. But I’m still tooting Mom’s horn! Cuz she’s like, PAWsome! (I’m still waiting for that bacon!)

Happy Sunday Friends! Thanks for Reading!

See you again soon! Cuz you’re Seriously PAWsome, too!

4 thoughts on “Kimber Brag and Top 1%!

  1. div dir=”ltr”>So doggone impressive! Wh

  2. Congrats, Eowyn! You deserve it!

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