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What Keeps Us Going?


You know it’s a lotta work doing a book thingy blog, right? Maybe not as much work as grilling up a nice, thick burger all juicy and sizzling and…

Wait. Where was I?

Oh yeah. Book blogging.


Well. Some intrepid soul recently asked why we do book blogging? After all, it’s a ton of work. For free. (“Intrepid.” Isn’t that a great word? No idea what it means. But Her Momness likes it. So I do, too.)

So, Mom and Me? We put face and fur together on that one to round up a response. You know. Something other than, “Chocolate!” (For one of us.) Or, “We’re World Class Bibliophiles and can’t help it!” But really. The main reason we run this blog comes down to one word:


Yepsters, we couldn’t do it without you. Our dear, loyal, splendiferous, genius, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, superb, excellent, terrific and outstanding READERS and AUTHORS! (“You’re laying it on there a little thick, aren’t ya, Kimmi?” says Her Momness. “Just wait,” says I. “I haven’t even got to the part about a nice, thick burger all juicy and… Well. You know.”)

But here’s one example of same. It’s our favorite Christmas card. Like, The Best:

Isn’t this cool?

It arrived in the mail shortly before Christmas. From an author who requested a review and Actually Read our Submission Guidelines. He was just sayin’ “Thanks.” Like, “Your review left me gobsmacked. I truly didn’t expect anything of this caliber.” And don’t forget to tip your waitress. (Not really. I made up that last line. But you get the idea, right?)

The Little Things

It’s these little acts of kindness and appreciation that keep us going.

One author tucked in a yummy doggie treat with his book. Another sent a beautiferous bookmark. Some write personal notes on the inside book cover. Others take time to write out a handwritten Thank You card. Others share links. Like and Comment. Or gift us with a complimentary hard copy of their magnum opus. And so on. (“Magnum opus.” Another great word. No idea what it means. But Mom likes it, so…)

While these random acts of kindness do not influence our review in any way, they are appreciated. And noted. (Also noted: Every author who requests a review and receives a positive one – never to be heard from again. Pffffft!)

Returning the Favor

It’s these little kindnesses and boosts that help keep us going. And to the very talented author who took the time to say “Thanks,” we’re returning the favor. You know who you are. And Thank YOU!

6 thoughts on “What Keeps Us Going?

  1. Aww, that is so kind! Bookblogging is a lot of work, and I often wonder why I do it too. But, I love the books, and the bloggers and the community.

  2. I’ve wondered why you guys do it ( review books so well) for a while, but lately I’ve been wondering how. A friend asked me to write a review for a new book he’d written. I read it, with difficulty. And writing an honest, yet kind review was impossible. For me it was, and probably most everyone else on the planet.

    So I’d say that you are- what’s the word? Splendiferous? Yep, that’s it.

  3. Do keep going. It’s fun reading what Kimber has to say about it all.

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