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‘Echoes in the Stars’ Shines Bright


Echoes in the Stars

By Gordon Frisbie

Published by: TFL Stories, 2022

Pages 191

Genre: Non-Fiction/Memoir/Essays

Via: Author Request

Note: We received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

We were going to reserve December for Christmas-ish books. No. Really. We were. But one of us is a big sucker for just about any “dog story” that comes down the pike. (Hi, Mom.) Then author Gordon Frisbie contacted us about reviewing a collection of stories and essays starring his amazing Australian shepherd, Boo, and his other canine companions. Well. Who can resist that?!

But Echoes in the Stars isn’t just another “dog story.” Yes, it’s a tribute to the author’s Aussie shepherd, Boo. It’s also much more. Here’s the 4-1-1:

“People love dogs because they love to play with us. They nurture and expose our inner child” writes the author.

Frisbie illustrates this with an ebullient writing style that takes readers from the first tentative meeting with Boo at the Dumb Friends animal shelter to a world of adventure with this four-footed wonder.  Although this “lethal white” Aussie shepherd is deaf in one ear, Boo is a scirocco on four legs. Just ask the local coyotes.

Boo & Buds

In fact, Boo and buds Koko, Sachi, and Yoshi burst off the page and right into your heart as you join them on camping and fishing trips, dog agility training and coursework, and obedience classes. Also romps through the wilds of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and The Wild Blue Yonder. Much more in this fast-paced and highly enjoyable read!

Smart & Sassy

Indeed, Echoes is smart and sassy, with a generous dose of self-deprecatory humor thrown in for good measure. (Do not read this book while sipping hot apple cider. You’ll chuckle your head off and wind up snorting cider out your nose. Don’t ask how we know that.)

Shining Through

The author’s passion for his dogs shines through every page. Our kinda guy! He’s also got this “full-throated vocabulary” thing goin’ on. (“Secret gnomish elixir.” Lol.) Just what exactly is a “plump lagomorph,” anyway? Askin’ for a friend.

Captivating & Compelling

Top-notch writing weaves a solid story of the author’s adventures and misadventures with Boo and his other dogs, known collectively as “the girls.” The writing style is as captivating as it is compelling, giving readers a “You Are There” flavor that’s both immediate and immersive.

Additionally, the author’s expertise in matters geographical, marine, meteorological, botanical, woodsy, and doggies is extensive – and often hilarious. The “taco bed.” Welcome to “nature’s revenge.” Why fishing near willows and camping beneath spruce trees are both bad ideas. “Human obedience.” “Cow vision.” Life in a townhome “cluster” and “fifteen-point turning skills.” Fishing during a summer blizzard: “It was the dumbest thing Boo had ever seen.”

The Schmooze

When I got to the part about how Boo could “schmooze” patrolmen and get the author out of select traffic violations – “their professional discipline was useless against her aggressive charm” – she reminded me of another sweet furry face I know. And the chapter on “Body Language” and the “preponderance of loquaciousness”? How “Most dogs are professional grinners. These contagious expressions are known to spread immediately and have no effective antidote.”

Been there. Done that.

I was trying to come up with a list of “dog stories” that are similarly flavored. Old Yeller? Because of Winn-Dixie? Shiloh? Lassie Come Home? Where the Red Fern Grows?

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nah and Naw.


Truth is, Echoes is a woof-worthy original, through and through. We’ve never read anything quite like it. We just fell in love with Boo in this bright, intelligent and uber entertaining collection of engaging essays and winsome recollections about this one in a million girl. You will, too.

Indeed, the Epilogue, Thousands, came far too soon. Cuz Kimmi and I found some new friends in this book. We didn’t want it to end.

It’d make a really, really great Christmas gift. Or a super-duper stocking stuffer. Just sayin’.

Our Rating: 4.5


About the Author

Gordon Frisbie has studied and applied a variety of environmental disciplines ranging from water quality to air quality and all the critters that inhabit these havens. Even though outdoor activity is more favorable than indoor activity, the latter dominates his schedule. Skiing, camping, and fishing fill his thoughts more than his time.

A few of Gordon’s stories have landed inside obscure and defunct literary publications. His appreciation for writing continues to grow as he explores the worlds of other writers and tries to explain his own version of the universe.

Buy Links

You can purchase a paper or hardback version of Echoes in the Stars here.


2 thoughts on “‘Echoes in the Stars’ Shines Bright

  1. Aw, I’m a dog lover too, and would enjoy this book. Nice review!!

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