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10 Reasons to Write Christmas Cards


We’re up to our tinsel in book reviews. Our eyes need a rest. So today we’re taking a little detour into the Wonderful World of Christmas Cards. Cuz ’tis the season, ya know?

So grab a spring of mistletoe or another cup of eggnog and let’s dive in, okay? Like this:

We live in the digital age. It’s filled with techno-gadgetry that’s supposed to make our lives easier. More efficient.

But have you noticed? All that technology and 24/7 mobile device/social media stuff is no substitute for one-on-one face time. Building genuine relationships. Or sending Christmas greetings.

10 Reasons

Here are 10 reasons why sending Christmas cards the ‘old fashioned way – with a paper card, an envelope and stamps – beats Facebook, email, and Mail Chimp every time:

1. Christmas cards are more personal.

While electronic greetings or a global “Merry Christmas” Facebook post may be quick, free, and easy, it’s also pretty impersonal. There’s something about taking the time to pick up a pen, address an envelope, add a card and a personalized greeting that a status update can’t convey.

2. Christmas cards are individual.

Physically writing out an address means that card is going to that one address. And in that moment at least, you’re thinking of them. And them only. Not on how quick you can cross the “get a Christmas post up” task off your To Do list.

3. Not everyone has a computer or a mobile device.

Believe it or not, not every life revolves around a smart phone or Instagram. Some folks still like and prefer hard copy greetings.

4. You can save and re-read paper cards throughout the year.

How many emails or status updates can you say that about?

5. Paper cards can be physically displayed during the holidays, reminding you of those who took time to keep in touch and exchange greetings.

6. You can hold, open, touch and smell a paper card.

Don’t make me explain this.

7. You can tuck a little something physical into an envelope.

Like a bookmark. A family photo that you can put on your fridge or bulletin board. Maybe even a check from grandma.

8. Christmas cards are pretty.

Taking time to select a particular design, graphic, or greeting says something about you and what you want to convey to the recipient.

9. Sending and receiving Christmas cards is fun!

It means someone took time to think of Just You.

10. It makes us slow down.

Related to the above, taking the time and effort to send out paper Christmas cards can be a slow process. But during a season that’s often hustle and bustle and whirling past at warp speed, slowing down even to address an envelope can give us cause to pause. And reflect.

That’s a good thing. Especially when it also gives us a chance to re-connect and re-focus on the Reason for the Season.

So yes, friends, sometimes being quick, easy, and efficient isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially at Christmas.

Have you or will you send out Christmas cards this year?

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Write Christmas Cards

  1. Thees are great reasons for Christmas Cards!

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