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Sweet Children’s Story Celebrates the Season


Who let these guys on the front lawn?

Kimber: “Mom! Mom! Open the door, pronto!”

Mom: “Hey, Kimmi. What’s up?”

Kimber: “I gotta meet up for a play date with my new buddy! Hurry! Hurry!”

Mom (Mutters to self: I may regret asking this, but here goes): “What new buddy?”

Kimber: “Red Dog, of course! My new best pal from that children’s story thingy, Lily’s Egypt Adventure.”

Mom: “Um… You do know that Red Dog is a character in a book, right? That he’s not real. As in, fiction?”

Kimber: “Does that matter?”

Lily's Egypt Adventure (Lily the Donkey's Adventures Book 3) by [Cindy Tingley, Lara Chauvin]It may not matter in this delightful new novella for little’uns, Lily’s Egypt Adventure.

Basic Plot

Lily is a donkey. But she’s not just any donkey. She’s the donkey who travels with the Holy Family as they flee Bethlehem and skedaddle to Egypt to escape the clutches of the evil King Herod.

After crossing the desert, they arrive in Egypt and more adventures await. Here, animal friends new and old join the entourage and learn and share lessons of love, kindness, forgiveness, and hope. (Scene stealers: Camels Daisy and Deca and their handlers, “Omar and Sharif.” Young readers may not get that. But Doctor Zhivago fans will. Lol.)

Lively & Quick

At 53 pages, this lively faith-flavored story is a quick read and will delight readers young and old.


Hey Moms and Dads, Grandma and Gramps and other choice humans: Grab this book, a kiddo, and a warm blankie. Sit down together in front of the fireplace or whatever’s warm. Open up this book and dive in. With its captivating illustrations and easy-to-read, breezy style, it’d make a great read aloud. Bonus points if you add a hot cuppa with a peppermint stick and a plate of warm cookies, fresh from the oven. (Don’t tell Kimber, okay? Or she’ll want to eat them for you.)

The third installment in the Lily series of children’s Bible stories, Lily’s Eqypt Adventure by Cindy Tingley is sure to stir up some seasonal magic into Christmas and beyond! Enjoy!

Don’t make me explain this.

Our Rating: 4.0




6 thoughts on “Sweet Children’s Story Celebrates the Season

  1. This looks cute and I love the camels and their handlers. Omar and Sharif 😂 😂

  2. So excited that you enjoyed Lily’s Egypt Adventure 🙂 I love the play on the camel handlers’ names too! Cindy has a great sense of fun.

  3. I Love this! Thank you so much Pages & Paws! It is so appreciated!!

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