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6 Best Reads of Summer


Whoosh! Or Whoof! Where did summer go? Mom and I were just getting used to long days and more sunshine. Before I could bark twice at the Powder Puff sauntering by on her afternoon walk, the season is done-ski. That makes Mom and me kinda sad, if ya know what I mean. (Summer winding down. Not the Powder Puff.)

Summer Wrap-Up

Anywho, since we recently posted a list of Summer Stinkers (as in, Do Not Waste Your Time, Do Not Collect $200 or even a penny), one of us thought now would be a good time to do a Summer Wrap-Wrap thingy. Like when we highlight our favorite reads from the summer. Books with heart. Solid writing. Something to say that matters. You might be surprised how hard books like that can be to find these days. Or maybe not?

Anywho again. Here are our 6 Best Reads of Summer (in no particular order). Drum roll please…

1. Reverence By Raena Rood

This faith-based dystopian novel has it all: First-class writing. A quick-as-lightning plot. Mystery. Intrigue. Romance. Robust characters. And a name cameo for everyone’s favorite four-legged pal! (Don’t tell Kimber. I, Mom, will never hear the end of it!)

See our full review at: Dystopian Novel ‘Reverence’ Clears High Bar.

2. Among the Innocent By Mary Alford

Ten years ago, Leah’s entire family was murdered. Since then, she left the Amish community and joined the police force. Now, after another woman is found murdered in the same fashion as her family was, it becomes clear that the wrong man may have been blamed for their deaths. Can Leah and her new supervisor, Dalton, set things right? 

A barn-burner! See our full review at: Among the Innocent’ is Un-Put-Downable.

3. Sweet Tomorrows by Debbie Macomber

An inn with a special healing quality. A place of comfort and peace. Can Rose Harbor Inn be the place where two wounded souls help each other, see the best and worst in their pasts, and still find the courage to look to the future?

Besides strong female characters and a reluctant romance angle, the Pacific Northwest setting makes this novel a delight to read. Lotsa hope, grace, and second chances, too! Not to mention two noble dogs, Rover and Elvis. There’s also the romantic attraction of freshly baked cookies. Who knew? We loved it!

4. Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen

Here, There Be Dragons combines the best in myths and legends, and classic literature with top-notch writing, tongue-in-cheek humor, and high adventure. Stir in a hearty dose of rapier wit and imagination, and you’ve got a classic-in-the-making. Think a Camelot/Neverland/Narnia/221B Baker Street/Nautilus/Middle Earth-ish combo. With lots of magical galleons, dastardly villains, talking creatures and unlikely heroes to boot. Too fun!

Read our full review: ‘Here, There Be Dragons’ Ignites Imagination.

5. The Nurse’s Secret by Amanda Skenandore

Emotionally gripping and intense, The Nurse’s Secret is propelled by masterful story-telling, an engrossing plot and lively, three-dimensional characters within a unique historical setting. Think A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Oliver Twist meet Florence Nightingale and The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

Check out our full review: ‘The Nurse’s Secret: Compelling Historical Fiction.’

Paperback Waterbury Winter Book

6. Waterbury Winter by Linda Stewart Henley

Beautifully written and brimming with hope, Waterbury Winter is a clever, entertaining combination of drama, romance, humor, and mystery. I read it cover-to-cover in one sitting. Indeed, this gentle, heartfelt story of two lost souls finding a second chance at life and love will resonate long after the last page is turned. A delightful read!


See any of your faves here?

What would you add? (Besides a T-bone steak, of course!)

4 thoughts on “6 Best Reads of Summer

  1. Thank you soooo much! What an incredible honor to be included on this list! You’ve both made my day.
    Love, hugs, and puppy kisses! — Raena

  2. Wonderful post! I love just about everything Debbie Macomber writes.

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