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‘Potiphar’s Wife’: Fresh Take on an Old Story


ImagePotiphar’s Wife

A novel

By Mesu Andrews

Genre: Fiction/General Fiction/Historical Fiction/Biblical Fiction

Part of The Egyptian Chronicles

Published by: WaterBrook & Multnomah

Release Date: May 24, 2022

416 pages

Via: Book Launch Team

Note: We received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Streams of mercy, never ceasing…

Step back into ancient Egypt and the palace of a mighty pharaoh in this beautifully crafted, meticulously researched historical novel where the writing is as elaborate as Potiphar’s apparel and the story is as exquisite as his bride’s finest crystal vase.

Who Was She?

Most people know her as one of the Bible’s most notorious women. But who was Potiphar’s wife? What was her background? Her name? Who was she? How, where and why did she meet the powerful Potiphar? Even a cursory reading of the Old Testament story indicates that she was unhappy with her marriage and husband. But why?

These themes and more are explored in a captivating faith-based novel from the award-winning author of Isaiah’s Legacy.

A Brief Overview (without giving too much away):

Before she’s Potiphar’s wife, Zuleika “Zully” is the daughter of a king and the wife of a prince. She rules the isle of Crete alongside her mother in the absence of their seafaring husbands. But when tragedy nearly destroys Crete, Zuleika must sacrifice her future to save the Minoan people she loves. 

“Love doesn’t humiliate or hurt.”

Zuleika’s father believes his robust trade with Egypt will ensure Pharaoh’s obligation to marry his daughter, including a bride price hefty enough to save Crete. But Pharaoh refuses and gives her instead to Potiphar, the captain of his bodyguards. He’s a crusty bachelor twice her age, who would rather have a new horse than a Minoan wife. (Scene stealer: Pushpa, Potiphar’s “omi” with a heart of gold.)

“As slave doesn’t always wear chains, nor does a master possess all power.”

Abandoned by her father, rejected by Pharaoh, and humiliated by Potiphar’s indifference, Zuleika yearns for the homeland she adores. In the political hotbed of Egypt’s foreign dynasty, her obsession to return to Crete spirals into deception. Enter Joseph. Everything goes sideways from there. But Elohim, The God Who Sees…

Are They?

There’s also plenty of palace intrigue. Duplicity and deceit. Greed and corruption stalk every step. Betrayal, distrust, and double-crosses slither around every corner. Trust, transformation, and redemption are illusive dreams.

Or are they?


I’m thinking Movie fodder! Maybe along the lines of the 1959 classic, Ben-Hur.

Oh yeah. The book also includes a Cast of Characters and a Glossary so you don’t get lost.

Marinated in mercy, steeped in grace and forgiveness, Potiphar’s Wife is a rich and wonderful faith-flavored read. It offers a fresh and fascinating take on an old story.

Our Rating: 4.5

2 thoughts on “‘Potiphar’s Wife’: Fresh Take on an Old Story

  1. I just don’t read many books set in this era! Sounds wonderful.

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