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Heart & Head Clash in Vibrant New Fairytale, ‘Heartless Hette’


Heartless Hette

By M.L. Farb, 2021

Genre: Fiction/Fairytale/Fantasy

Rated: G

Via: Author Request


Hearts and heads collide as an unlikely trio sets out on an epic quest to find the true meaning of friendship and more in this freshly reimagined version of “once upon a time.”

“Which is stronger – heart or head?”

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess prized logic and reason above all. Her father bid her marry, become queen and produce an heir. But no suitor could match her formidable mind. So a sorcerer disguised himself as a prince. He set out to woo the princess. She rejects him. The sorcerer steals her heart. Literally. Right out of her chest.  In its place is a mechanical “clockwork heart” designed to bend Princess Hette’s will to his.

“Love only hurts… Alone hurts less.”

An Epic Quest

So an unlikely trio sets out on an epic quest to not only find and restore Hette’s lost heart, but to also find the true meaning of friendship. Love. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Caring, courage, and kindness.

Can they survive the hazardous road ahead, where one false move will be their last? Will Hette be able to focus on facts and logic and immutable truths long enough to push the sorcerer’s emotional manipulations aside? Can Hette, the court ‘Fool,” Konrad, and her maid Demuth, counter dark magic with some of their own? What about Peter the toad? And who was the mysterious Georg VI, and what happened to him? Why does he haunt Hette’s dreams?

There are also witches and sorcerers. Loyalty and betrayal. Curses. Spells. Magic. “Heart-bound slaves.” Courage and wit. A talking book. Riddles and brain teasers. A gentle love story rimming with awakenings and adventure as not only Hette’s heart but an entire kingdom hangs in the balance.

Also, a knowledge of sextants and astronomy that comes in handy. So does an understanding that logic and reason alone do not a great ruler make.

“Friends and happiness are dangerous. They end.”

Robust & Rich

Heartless Hette is a feast for the senses. Robust prose propels a clever narrative wrapped in rich word tapestries of dense forest, wood smoke, harrowing escapes, precarious rivers, stinking bogs and lilting lullabies. Bird song. Oven-fresh bread. Clip-clopping hooves. And cold so biting it’ll have you reaching for another blanket. (I’ll probably never see owls quite the same after reading this book.)

Indeed, Heartless Hette isn’t your average fairytale. It’s smarter than that. By about a mile and a half. A delightful read!

“It’s not wrong to let a friend help carry your burdens.”

Just in Time

Just in time for Halloween, Heartless Hette offers young adult readers and up a fresh take on an ancient genre. Keep an eye on this one. It may be destined to become a modern-day fairytale-ish classic.

Our Rating: 4.5


2 thoughts on “Heart & Head Clash in Vibrant New Fairytale, ‘Heartless Hette’

  1. Thank you for the beautiful review! I love the quotes you pulled from it and your commentary!

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