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‘Spies Never Quit’: Spunky, With a Dose of Sass

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Spies Never Quit

By M. Taylor Christensen

Moon Zoom Press, 2021

Fiction/Action-Adventure/Spy Thriller

Via: Author Request

Summary: When a young woman’s mom is abducted, she goes undercover to save her. Can the novice “spy” pull it off – or will her inexperience cost them both their lives?

“A light spy thriller where the romance is sweet and the suspense is cozy.”

What do you do when some Uber Bad Guys kidnap your research scientist mom and force you to steal and hand over all her research so they can build a huge lethal weapon, or else?

If your name is Mari Sandoval, you try to break into your mom’s lab and comply. Foiled by some spunky sorority girls who are more than they appear to be, the eighteen year-old college freshman considers her next move. And what it may cost.

When Mari joins up with the Banana Girls, a quartet of skilled undercover agents who specialize in “helping people,” she’s clearly in over her head. In fact, her inexperience could ruin everything, especially when she infiltrates the mansion where her mother’s being held and meets an irresistibly handsome colleague.

But whose side is Trey on? Can Mari trust him with her heart? Does her boss suspect? Can she locate her mom and master the art of “ninja girl” espionage before time runs out – for both Mari and her mom? Will she be able to catch up in her linear algebra class?

Brisk & Light

This brisk spy thriller is a light, enjoyable read. Perfect for curling up with a hot cuppa whatever in front of a roaring fire, Spies Never Quit offers action, adventure, and suspense. Also clever disguises. High tech gadgets. Fast cars. Glamorous gowns and “venomous high heels.” Ditto plenty of spunk, a large dose of sass, and a generous side of gentle humor.

It’s just FUN!

Tightly written and expertly paced, Spies Never Quit is engaging, lithe, and surprising. Just when you think you know where it’s going, the author takes a U-turn and it’s off to the races around the next bend! (The “Banana Cave” is worth the price of admission alone.)

Strong & Smart

The story features strong, smart, independent female characters. They think and reason their way out of tight situations but can throw a punch or a roundhouse kick with the best of ‘em when necessary. Additionally, the balance between “spy novel” and clean romance is pitch-perfect.

The ending leaves the door open for a prequel and a sequel. Can’t wait! You’ll want to grab your own copy as well as a hot cuppa and the nearest banana. 

Ding! Ding! Ding!

We don’t typically gravitate toward “spy thrillers.” We made an exception for Spies Never Quit. We’re glad we did. Cuz this one’s a winner.


Our Rating: 4.5

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