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5 Favorite Authors for Autumn

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As the calendar crosses the bridge from summer into autumn, now is a good time to find and snuggle up with a good book! But what to read? What to read? Hmmmm…

Not worry. Kimber and Mom have you covered. (You knew that, right?)

Looking for high quality, well-crafted stories that are wholesome and uplifting without being preachy? Have we got a deal for you! These authors never disappoint. (They also know that vulgarity is no substitute for wit. Yea.) They offer heaping helpings of inspiration, hope, and grace.

So, without further ado, here are five great authors for autumn. Or anytime. In no particular order:

1. Jan Karon

Huge Mitford fans here. Ever since Father Tim and his good dog, Barnabas, hit the publisher, Jan Karon has consistently topped our all-time favorite authors list. Uplifting, inspirational reads about three-dimensional characters who are as eccentric as they are loveable and authentic. I can almost taste Esther Bollick’s layer cake…

2. Max Lucado

Need we say more? But seriously. If you’re looking for a fresh infusion of grace or a truckload of encouragement, look no further than Max. Gentle faith-filled wisdom that never fails.

3. Richard Paul Evans

A long-time favorite ever since “The Christmas Box.” A master storyteller whose beautifully crafted, gentle love stories always include one essential element: Hope. He typically releases a new title every year in the fall. (That’s a tip, okay?)

4. Gary Paulsen

Out favorite writer of outdoor adventure and survival tales. Although Paulsen often writes for YA (Young Adults) audiences, his simple, no-nonsense style connects with readers of any age.

5. Tricia Wagner

A new writer we recently discovered when reviewing her book, Night Swiftly Falling, for Reedsy/Discovery. Wagner is an award-winning, #1 best selling novelist, poet, and short story sojourner as well as the creator of Swift and “The Star of Atlantis” series. Keep an eye on this one. She’s going places.

Have you discovered a new author you really love?

How ’bout an old favorite! Let us know!

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