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Calling All Dog Lovers & Other Humans!


We. Are. So. Excited!!


Okay, okay. One of us is always excited. The other? Well, whenever she feels excitement coming down the pike, she lies down until the feeling goes away. (Hi, Mom.)


Kimber the Magnificent

Anyway, Kimber here. So excited to tell you about a free online event related to one of our favorite books this year, Walks With Sam! Here’s the 4-1-1:


Book Launch!

On September 13 at 6:30pm central, there’ll be a free online event to officially launch Walks With Sam.


All are welcome. Even cats.


Walks with Sam: A Man

Here’s the link:

Walks With Sam book launch.


Be there or be a feline!


For more, see our review of Walks With Sam, by David W. Berner.





3 thoughts on “Calling All Dog Lovers & Other Humans!

  1. Oh, this is wonderful! Especially, Kimber the Magnificent! And all the Pages & Paws lovers. Please join the free Zoom event. And yes, bring your pet! We’ll have some discussion, a reading, and some giveaways. Starts at 6:30pm Central time US. Feel free to drop in anytime. Should last about an hour or so.

  2. Oh, this is wonderful! Thank you! Come by for free. A Zoom event. A reading, discussion, and giveaways. AND you can bring your pet! See link. I’m thrilled with the response to Walks with Sam and love for you to join the get together. 🙂

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