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Political Fantasy Takes A Novel Bite in ‘King Genghis I’

King Genghis I (2021)

By Jonathan Yolan


It’s a bad day in Brooklyn. Turan Mugayev has just lost his girlfriend and his job. Rudderless, he recalls an invitation to visit his boyhood home of Genghistan, formerly Kushtamenistan, issued by the king himself. Turan hops a flight to the Central Asian country, enters the city of Shpagatt, the government seat, and has an audience with the king.

Turan winds up running Genghistan’s PR and overseeing social media for the government’s Ministry of Information. Sort of. It would be a lot easier if the testy Minister of Information wasn’t so testy. Active, unblocked Internet access would be helpful, too. (Even if Turan is stuck with the boss from hell, he can still pass the time with a good book.)

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