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Best Animal Stories EVER!

Happy New Year!

Mom and I are ringing in 2021 right (or write) with our latest Super Duper Awesomeness List of Best Animals Stories Ever. At least that was the plan. Until one of us got sidetracked. Again. (Hi, Mom.)

“There are just too many great animal books out there,” says Her Crankiness. “If we tried listing even a fraction of the excellent stories told from an animal’s point of view or feature animals as the main character(s), we’ll be here till Kingdom come!”

No idea what that means. But that’s where one of us changed plans. So instead of tallying up a list of Best Animal Stories Ever, we’re shifting to a list of Awesome Authors of Best Animal Stories Ever. Because some authors write numerous animal books.

So here to ring in the New Year WRITE is our totally subjective, 100% unscientific list of Awesome Authors of Best Animal Stories Ever and a brief list of their best known books. All are either told from an animal’s POV or an animal is the central character. (You may detect a slight canine bias here. But, hey! It’s me! Ready? Set? Go!)

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