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ANNOUNCING the 2022 Pages and Paws Reader’s Choice Awards (Can you hear us in the back?)


Her Grumpiness was cruising through the “14th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards” the other day. It says it’s “The only major book awards decided by readers.” 


So. Not. Impressed. Here’s why (the short version):

One? Really?

Of the zillion books listed, we recognized exactly one title. 

Your Turn

So we decided to take matters into our own paws. And launch our own reader’s choice awards. Decided by you, our splendiferous readers. It’s called the Pages and Paws Reader’s Choice Awards. (We’re so original, huh?)

We spent a lot of time – at least 20 minutes or so- culling out some of our favorite books of 2022. It wasn’t easy. But one of us was game. The sweet furry-faced one.

Now that we’ve done the hard work of narrowing down the list from a “cast of thousands,” it’s your turn! Here’s your chance to weigh in on books read and reviewed by Mom and her Beautiful and Brilliant Sidekick. (I’m not really a sidekick, ya know. I really run the whole show. Just don’t tell Mom, okay? Hate to burst her bubble).

If you’re a regular reader, all of the titles below should be at least semi-familiar. If you’re not, well, that’s what “Search” is for.

The Official Pages & Paws 2022 Reader’s Choice Awards

Bonus points if you cook us up a really nifty graphic for this prestigious award. Cuz one of us – I’ll not say who – is suffering from Fried Brainosaurus today. Or maybe that was yesterday? Or the day before? Or tomorrow? Or… Well. You know. Anyway, without further ado or Meow Mix-ing. Let us know what your favorite(s) are in the Comments!

And the Nominees Are… Drum Roll Please…



2 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING the 2022 Pages and Paws Reader’s Choice Awards (Can you hear us in the back?)

  1. Congratulations to all the books! I have not read any of these, but now I have a list of books I need to read.

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