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‘When the Day Comes’: Better Than Bacon?


When the Day Comes

By Gabrielle Meyer

Publisher: Bethany House, 2022

Genre: Historical Fiction/Christian Fiction/Romance

Pages: 364

Via: Author Request

We received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When’s the last time you finished a book and just wanted to go, “Ahhhh”? Or in one furry case, decided the tome is almost better than bacon? Almost. (Hi, Kimber.)

Well. Gabrielle Meyer’s When the Day Comes is that kind of book. Here’s why:

Two continents. Two different centuries. Two lives. One woman. One love. And one choice.

Time Traveler

Libby Conant is a “time-crosser.” She travels seamlessly between two centuries and lives wherever she falls asleep, be it colonial Williamsburg or early 19th century New York City. Libby’s the same person in both time frames. But she’s leading two very different lives. War looms on the horizon of each epoch. And so does imminent and immense personal loss as a life-altering decision draws near.

Colonial Williamsburg

In 1774 Williamsburg, Libby is the first female public printer in Virginia. Libby and her widowed Mama print for the House of Burgesses and the Royal Governor as they struggle to support the family and the Patriot cause.

Libby’s One True Love, Henry Montgomery, has his own secrets. With the colonies on the cusp of war, both Henry and Libby are faced with Big Choices that will determine the course of their lives and futures. Can they find a way to include each other?

“I won’t pretend to have all the answers. God is concerned with the state of your heart more than where you live or what time you occupy.”

The Gilded Age of NYC

Meanwhile, in 1914 NYC, Libby wants to focus on promoting women’s suffrage. But her scheming, conniving Mother has other ideas. Mother’s intent on securing an advantageous match for her daughter among the socially elite upper crust, regardless of what Libby wants.

So shortly before Libby’s 20th birthday, she’s forced into marrying an English marquess. Libby barely knows Reggie and certainly doesn’t love him. She’s not exactly turning cartwheels at the prospect of moving into his crumbling English manor, either. But it’s the early 19th century and Libby has no choice. With war looming on the horizon, things couldn’t get more complicated.

Or could they?

The Choice

Libby’s dual lives are known only to her loving Mama, who’s also a time-crosser. Libby knows she cannot live two lives forever. She also knows she must choose one path on her 21st birthday and forfeit the other. Once her choice is made, there’s no going back. She will wake up in her chosen life path and die in the other. But with so much at stake in each path, how can she choose one over the other?


Delightful, Refreshing, & Rare!

Talk about a delightful, well-crafted read! Filled with historical tidbits, sturdy characters, suspense, intrigue, conflict, disappointment, duty, sacrifice and love, When the Day Comes is a treat for anyone who enjoys a riveting read. It’s a clever blend of historical fiction, clean romance, and  high adventure. This gently faith-flavored read is also uplifting and life-affirming in ways that are both refreshing and rare.


In fact, When the Day Comes is one of the most unusual and unique historical fiction tomes we’ve ever read. It transcends a mere revisiting of a certain time frame or historical events and personalities. It dives much deeper, plumbing the depths of what family, duty, honor, faith, forgiveness, hope and maternal love mean in two very different centuries and settings.

Uber engaging and emotionally gripping, this captivating and inspirational read also touches on why what’s best isn’t always what’s easy.  

“And though I mourned in ways that you could not imagine, I have never once regretted giving everything up for you.”

Luminous & Incandescent

Featuring transcendent themes and timeless truths, the writing is first rate. It’s luminous and incandescent. Indeed, joy, hope, and victory in spite of challenge and loss shine through the pages with an unmistakable glow.

It’d make a great movie.

Well. I’d bring tissue ‘fize you. Cuz this one’s a keeper. It will also resonant long after the last page is turned – and last longer than bacon. In fact, it may be even better than bacon. (Don’t tell Kimber I said that, okay?)


Our Rating: 5.0

2 thoughts on “‘When the Day Comes’: Better Than Bacon?

  1. I love time travel books, and this sounds wonderful. I just added this to my TBR. Hello Kimber! 🙂

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