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TEASER TUESDAY: Beyond the Stars

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Hello and welcome to another Teaser Tuesday! As always, we hope you’re well this Tuesday and loving on your four-legged friends (even if some of them are felines. Nobody’s perfect.)

We’re enjoying sunshine and some warmer weather. Finally. 

Anyway, here’s how Teaser Tuesday works:

1) Grab your current read. 2) Open to a random page or two. 3) Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on those pages that are SPOILER FREE.

Today’s Teaser Tuesday features Beyond the Stars, by Doreen D. Berger.

Ready? Great! Here we go!

First Sentences (from page 146):

As they rounded the bend, they almost walked into the biggest spider web Robin had ever seen. It was suspended between the two walls of the tunnel and hung halfway to the ground.

Second Sentences (from page 149):

It didn’t matter what planet they were on, the smell of a stable was recognizable anywhere… hay, oats, leather, and horses. A fresh, clean smell that always made Diane and Robin year for the ranch.


How far would you go to help a friend?

Sisters Diane and Robin are no strangers to mischief. In fact, they’re in trouble – again – with their father and starship commander, Captain William Marsh. He’s just grounded them for their latest stunt. But when Jannel, the young future ruler of Lasusia arrives, their punishment is lifted.

Jannel has been sent aboard the Polaris, Marsh’s ship, for her own safety during a deadly virus outbreak on her home planet of Lasusia. As the sisters learn about their quiet, soft-spoken new friend and the problems she faces on her war-torn planet, they vow to help Jannel, even when doing so means getting into more trouble with their father.

They’re soon in over their heads, sick with the virus and trapped by their father’s mortal enemy. Diane and Robin must use all their instincts and resources to escape before they perish, along with all hopes of planetary peace. Can they do it?

Beyond the Stars is Book 2 of The Captain’s Daughters. (Read our review here.) Find out more about author Doreen D. Berger at her web site.

The 4-1-1

There’s something for everyone in Beyond the Stars. Adventure, intrigue, and mischief. Wry wit. Dastardly villains. Gallant heroes. Sacrifice. Loyalty. Family ties. Friendship. A touch of Ye Olde Planet Earth via the holodeck. Valuable lessons in Consequences 101. Peanut butter. Close calls. Near misses. A red baseball cap. The “barn incident.” A touch of romance.

All are expertly tied together in an action-packed plot loaded with heart, originality, and spunk. The author’s world-building skills are also prodigious, filling out entire planets with detailed descriptions and vivid settings.

Beyond the Stars is a delightful, uplifting read that’s galaxies of fun! Can’t wait for the next installment from this talented and creative author!

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Purple Princess of The Purple Booker.

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