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Review Request Queue is Now OPEN!


Mom and I are pleased to announce that the review request queue officially re-opened on February 01, 2022. So we’re now open to new requests to review your pawsome new book.

First come, first served if you meet our submission guidelines

While we’re on the subject, sort of: Don’t be that author who telegraphs Lazy Rank Amateur from a mile away. Cuz when it comes to books we are and are not interested in, we’re like, really picky. Cuz we’re busy. So kindly don’t waste our time pitching a book that’s clearly outside our interests. And yeah, we always know who has and who hasn’t read the guidelines. Always.

So if you’ve read the guidelines and think your magnum opus is a good fit for Pages and Paws, give us a holler at Put “Review Request” in the subject line so we don’t miss it.  (No guarantees, but dog lovers often move to the head of the pack. We’re just funny that way.)

Please note: We typically accept less than half of the review requests that come our way. (You wouldn’t believe some of the kitty litter fodder we get.) So to reiterate:

No promises, but you can improve your chances of getting your book accepted for a review if you take the time to carefully read our submission guidelines before inquiring about a review.


2 thoughts on “Review Request Queue is Now OPEN!

  1. I always love to see your photos, Kimber. I think my dog might have that same blue ball, and he loves it too!

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