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Two Non-Fiction Books To Read If You Don’t Usually Read NF

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Are you a non-fiction reader or a fiction reader? Or both?

We’re good either way. But if you fall into “fiction only,” we have a coupla recently read books you may want to consider. They’re both excellent reads, with superb writing and taut storylines that’ll keep you turning pages until the very end.

One is based on the real-life story of the hunt for the world’s most notorious Nazi. The other, told by former NFL star Kermit Alexander (L.A. Rams and San Francisco 49ers), is his personal story of tragedy and redemption.

The Nazi Hunters: How a Team of Survivors and Spies Captured The World’s Most Notorious Nazi

By Neal Bascomb

For Grades 8 and Up

At the end of World War II, Adolf Eichmann, the head of operations for the Nazis’ Final Solution, walked into the mountains of Germany and disappeared. An elite team of spies captured Eichmann at an Argentina bus stop 16 years later.

The Nazi Hunters is the fascinating, thrilling story of what happened between these two events. It’s riveting, with powerful, non-stop action that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. I read it cover-to-cover in one sitting.

Hunters includes an extensive bibliography, chapter notes, and photos.

Our Rating: 4.5


The Valley of The Shadow of Death: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption

By Kermit Alexander

With Alex Gerould and Jeff Snipes

“True forgiveness does not come easy. It must be earned, created. It comes from reflection, long spells of guilt and suffering, followed by atonement through acts.” – Kermit Alexander, The Valley of the Shadow of Death

On the morning of August 31, 1984, three armed men entered the Watts home of Kermit Alexander’s mother. Moments later, four innocent members of the former NFL star’s family lay dead. Shot execution-style were Kermit’s mother, Ebora “Madee” (Mother Dear) Alexander, his sister Dietra, and his young nephews Damani Garner and Damon Bonner.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption is Alexander’s haunting, harrowing tale of the aftermath of this horrific crime and its impact on the author and his family, from the crime itself to the subsequent police investigations, arrests, trials, verdicts, and sentencing. There’s also a deep dive into the “hood” culture and the backgrounds of the guilty.

“I pity the child. But the man destroyed my family. I have sympathy. I carry guilt. But it’s tough to kindle mercy for one who shows others none.” – Kermit Alexander, The Valley of the Shadow of Death. On the utter remorselessness of the murderer who killed four members of his family.

Valley isn’t an easy read. But it’s an inspiring one as Alexander tells how unrelenting grief, guilt and a thirst for revenge propelled his downward spiral into thirty years of depression, isolation and illness as he charts the highs and lows of his journey to redemption and hope. 

“By the grace of God the ways of fate had changed.” – The Valley of the Shadow of Death

It’s an incredible true story from an incredible man.


Our Rating: 4.0


What recommendable non-fiction have you read lately?

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