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Why ‘Hunt for a Hometown Killer’ Kept Us Up All Night


Hunt for a Hometown Killer (EABooks Publishing, 2021)

By Mary Dodge Allen

Fiction/Christian/Romance/Suspense/Mystery & Detective

“Just a sec Kimmi,” chirped Her Momness as she snatched up Hunt for a Hometown Killer. “I’m just gonna zip through a coupla chapters tonight – quick like a bunny – and get a head start on tomorrow’s reading.”

Uh -oh. Heard that one before, says I, Kimber the Magnificent. (You know. The brains in the family.)

And that’s how we wound up staying up until zero-dark-thirty to finish this “just one more chapter! I can’t put it down” rippin’ good read!  Because:

Buddy and Clyde

“Buddy and Clyde” aren’t a pair of four-footed bank robber wannabes. (Betcha thought we were gonna start with a plot summary, huh? Wrong-a-Mundo!) Buddy and Clyde are a dynamic canine duo. And the Real Stars of this show. Yeppers! Roxy Silva’s loveable golden retriever, Buddy, and Detective Kyle Ransom‘s black lab, Clyde, are two happenin’ canines who make everything happen.

Like Yours Truly.


Wait. Where was I. Oh yeah. Setting & Plot summary:


Set in the sizzling summer heat of Florida, Hunt for a Hometown Killer is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat romp through love, loss, intrigue, healing, hurt, grief, betrayal, wholeness, and forgiveness. And more secrets and deceptions than you can shake a gator at. Oh. There’s a also a killer on the loose:

The Basics: Plot

When Florida mail carrier Roxy Silva rescues a friend’s dog from a sinkhole, a veritable Pandora’s box of whodunits opens up. Especially when the sinkhole drains a retention pond and reveals a car used in the hit-and-run that killed Roxy’s husband, Vance.

Hunky Detective Kyle Ransom is determined to re-open the investigation and find Vance’s killer. Vance was Kyle’s best friend. But the prime suspect’s body is found inside the car’s trunk, and the trail goes cold. Meanwhile, Roxy has no idea that her husband’s killer has another target: her.

Roxy’s job as a mail carrier and her ability to memorize and retain just about anything enables her to capture images of people, vehicles and other events as she delivers mail. As she observes all of the above, pieces of the crime puzzle start falling into place.

But what about Roxy’s new feelings toward Kyle? And what about her old flame, Trent, and lawyer-with-attitude Burke Devlin? Both insist on seeing her at their upcoming high school reunion. 

Sparks soon fly between Roxy and Kyle. It gets complicated when the detective identifies another murder suspect. But the suspect disappears.

Added to the mix is Roxy’s depression related to her husband’s murder and other losses and life tragedies, She struggles to find meaning and purpose in life. Seeking solace in nature and her faith, Roxy heads out on a “wilderness women getaway” canoe/camping trip with some girlfriends. Bears have been sighted in the remote area. But four-footed predators aren’t the only threat stalking Roxy…

Suspense, humor, rapier wit, and a heaping helping of warmth and non-stop action enliven this delightful faith-flavored read. It’s packed with unexpected plot twists. Wisecracking friends. Sturdy families. Solid friendships. A clean romance (yea!). Echoes of mercy. Whispers of love. And villains galore. The writing is also top-notch, with characters and settings that virtually leap off the page and into your heart.

We loved it!

Kimber: Mom, can we go to bed now?

Mom: “Just a sec, Kimmi. I’m waiting for the sequel…”

Our Rating: 5.0

2 thoughts on “Why ‘Hunt for a Hometown Killer’ Kept Us Up All Night

  1. I am thrilled my novel Hunt for a Hometown Killer received 5-stars! Your review absolutely captures the essence and heart of the story, while summarizing the twists and turns in the action-packed mystery/suspense plot. It was a joy to write. And – as is the case with many writers – the quirky characters became like family. When I finished the last chapter, I felt a bit of sadness. But not to worry… I have plans for a sequel.

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