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Say ‘Aloha’ to Adventure With ‘The Refuge’

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The Refuge (2021)

By John A. Heldt

Series: Time Box (Book 4)

Historical fiction/Time travel/ Romance/Adventure

Hold on to your leis and your Lanes for this fast-moving adventure through time and space!

The fourth book in the Time Box saga, The Refuge is set in 1941 Hawaii. A modern family of seven has transported itself back in time to escape the deadly clutches of a former technocrat and employer Robert Deveraux. He’s also nuts. The Lanes are being chased through time by an assassin hired by Devearaux.

While son Jordan, a former intelligence officer, stalks his unknowing foe in the streets of Honolulu, his parents, younger siblings, and pregnant wife settle in the village of Laie, where love, friendship, and opportunity await. All seek refuge from the perils of time travel.

But assassin Silas Bain has his own agenda. He hopes to alter the events of December 7, 1941, and indirectly save a brilliant German physicist, his employer’s grandfather, from certain death. He has prepared for every contingency except the charms of a beautiful heiress.

Filled with romance, suspense, and intrigue, The Refuge takes readers on a thrilling ride through the colorful, magical, and dangerous world of pre-Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

Author John A. Heldt adds:

“In The Refuge, readers see the Lanes spread their wings. They see Laura and Jessie manage pregnancies, Ashley evolve as a teenager, and Jeremy fall for a beautiful coed with a common interest in a nineteenth-century socialite. They see a familiar family grow.

They also see the war. From the first chapter on, they experience history’s greatest conflict from the perspective of time travelers who know that trouble — big trouble — is coming to paradise.”


“Big trouble” is right! This witty blend of history, suspense, romance and subtle humor nimbly navigates 1941 Hawaii while playing a tense game of cat and mouse between the Lanes and Bain.

Vivid imagery and crackling dialogue undergird a sizable ensemble of memorable characters. Many travel with secrets, dreams, and disappointments bubbling just under an otherwise tranquil surface. The POV rotates between primary characters and chapter headings include a place and date so you don’t get lost. The who, what, why, and hows of each character are unrolled in expert fashion without giving too much away too soon.

Tightly Written

As in Book 1 of the Time Box series, The Lane Betrayal, reading The Refuge is like being launched into history by a trebuchet. Tightly written with pitch-perfect pacing, The Refuge is a highly engaging, intriguing blend of history, drama, intrigue, romance and sci fi.

This fresh take on a well-known historical setting is sure to fascinate and charm. You’ll be saying “Aloha!” in no time!

Our Rating: 4.0

John A. Heldt is the author of the critically acclaimed Northwest Passage, American Journey, Carson Chronicles, and Time Box series.

Find out more about author John A. Heldt here.

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