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‘A Lullaby in the Desert’ Sings

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A Lullaby in the Desert (Arkbound, 2021)

By Mojgan Azar

Fiction (DNF)

We don’t typically do “issues” books. So we were ready to pass on this one. But the author was gently persistent. So we figured we’d give it a whirl. Here’s our take:


A Lullaby in the Desert is the story of Susan, a young Iranian woman fleeing her war-torn country for a better life. It begins in Tehran in 2003, when Susan escapes an abusive, drug-addicted father and heads to Erbil, Kurdistan.

Forced to take whatever work is available or go hungry, Susan’s life isn’t much better there. She leaves her lecherous employer. Friendless, jobless, hungry and homeless, Susan finds temporary refuge in the makeshift home of Syrian refugees. They’re also fleeing the blood-thirsty Da’esh (ISIS).

When it becomes apparent that Susan can no longer stay there safely, she leaves, paying a smuggler to get her into to Europe. She hopes to settle in Germany.

This book is fairly well-written, with strong prose and interesting characters. It’s not a light read. it’s a disturbing, harrowing read. An eye-opening one. That’s kinda the point.

We didn’t finish it. Bailed after eleven chapters. The format was difficult to read and one can only take so much murder and mayhem. So we won’t be rating it.

That being said, if you have the time, A Lullaby in the Desert is an enlightening read and a story that needs to be heard.

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