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Check Out of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ With New Book by Jared Woods


Heartbreak Sucks!

How to Get Over Your Break-Up in 30 Days

By Jared Woods



Elvis put it this way:

Well, since my baby left me
Well, I found a new place to dwell
Well, it’s down at the end of Lonely Street
At Heartbreak Hotel…


If you’re looking to check out of Heartbreak Hotel and exit Lonely Street, you may want to consider Heartbreak Sucks: How to Get Over Your Break-Up in 30 Days.

A conversation, not a lecture, Heartbreak Sucks is based on the author’s own experience and observations. At just over 200 pages (PDF), it’s a quick and entertaining read packed with practical advice, suggestions, gentle humor, and a generous dose of empathy. It’s also refreshingly honest and authentic. Like:


“Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy end-all fix for what you’re going through… However… I know of specific steps which you can take to slowly loosen the noose around your necks…”


That’s the jumping-off point for this journey toward healing. It continues with:

“Are you willing to do everything in your power to stop this pain in your heart?”


From there, the author focuses on a series of practical steps to “lessen,” not “lesson” readers into building a “staircase” toward peace. There are plenty of easy to follow, step-by-step “guide posts” along the way. They include:


  • “Dealing with your insides” so you can “start making outside actions.”
  • Good mood food
  • Weekly “pause and reflect” intervals
  • How and why to install an “internal security system”
  • Selflessness
  • “I once met David Hasselhoff”
  • The art of forgiveness
  • “Freak yourself out completely”


Kimmi’s favorite: “Who needs humans, anyway?” Duh.


Heartbreak Sucks offers 30 brief, pithy chapters designed to be read on a daily basis for 30 consecutive days. “Recap boxes” are included at the end of each chapter to help you process and implement the day’s information and ideas. Piquant quotes from a wide variety of sources are sprinkled throughout the text. Watch the bunny!


Witty & Winsome

Brimming with warmth and spunk, Heartbreak Sucks is a witty, winsome blend of practicality, compassion, and common sense. It’s an entertaining, informative tackle of a difficult subject.


Note: We do not necessarily agree with everything in this book, nor do we necessarily endorse all the advice therein. That’s why we’re not going to rate it. We’ll leave that up to you.



2 thoughts on “Check Out of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ With New Book by Jared Woods

  1. The practical steps crack me up. I once met Tina Turner… sort of. I sat next to her at Denny’s, but I thought she was a hooker. Years later, I worked security at one of her concerts in Frankfurt.

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