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The KIMBER Awards!


You’ve heard of the Academy Awards. The Emmys, Tonys, and Golden Globes. But you may not have heard of The Biggest Bow Wow of them all:

The Kimber Awards.

You may not have heard of this prestigious honor. That’s because I, Kimber, just made it up. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

Well, okay. Mom helped. A little. She lobbied for “World’s Most Super Duper, Seriously Splendid, Extra Excellent, Terrifically Talented, Genuine Genius-y, and All-Around Awesome Author Awards.”

I nixed that. After all. Someone has to be the adult in the room. Besides. Mom and I thought that with all this negative COVID-ish talk going around, something upbeat is in order. (Well, okay again. It was mostly me. But Mom helped a bit.)

Where was I? Oh yeah. The Kimber Awards. …


Our Highest Award

The Kimber Award is our highest award. It’s reserved for authors who are four paws above the average kennel. They’re not only wonderfully talent authors. They also:

  • Go the extra mile to reach out.
  • Engage.
  • Like and Comment.
  • Share links.
  • Ask questions.
  • Send us those email thingies.
  • Let us know when new books are coming out.
  • Follow up.
  • Say thank you.

These authors actually read and follow our submission guidelines. (You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t, Toots.)


Yep. Authors who make the cut for a Kimber Award are rare. But they’re good. (Maybe not quite as good as a New York Steak. But let’s not get picky here, okay?)

So, in honor of this upcoming Thanksgiving-y thing, Mom and I wanted to let you know which authors made the Kimber cut for all-around awesomeness. These ten authors qualify as some of our favorite folks on the planet. (If an author photo was not available, we used a book image.)

Our 2020 Kimber Award Winners (in no particular order):

DL Kennedy, Kimber Award winner and author of “Thirteen Miracles.”


D.L. Kennedy

Author of Thirteen Miracles. Read our review here.






E.B. Roshan, Kimber Award winner and author of the “Shards of Sevia” series.

E.B. Roshan

Author of the Shards of Sevia series. Read our most recent review here.







Martin Elsant

Author of The Inquisition Trilogy. Find our most recent review here.






Dan V. Jackson, Kimber Award winner and author of “The Rainbow Bridge.”

Dan V. Jackson

Author of The Rainbow Bridge. See our review here.









Monique Roy, Kimber Award winner and author of “A Savage Kultur.”

Monique Roy

Author of A Savage Kultur. Here’s our review.








David W. Berner, Kimber Award winner and author of “Walks With Sam.”

David W. Berner

Author of Walks With Sam. Check out our review.






Carol E. Hind, Kimber Award winner and author of “Petitions From My Heart.”

Carol E. Hind

Author of Petitions From My Heart. Click here for our review.






Elizabeth Pantley, Kimber Award winner and author of the Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic series.

Elizabeth Pantley

Author of the Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic series. Here’s our review. 







Lisa Whalen

Author of Stable Weight: A Memoir of Hunger, Horses, and Hope. Read our review here.






Shivon Aaria Gunalan, Kimber Award winner and author of “A Divine Connection.”

Shivon Aaria Gunalan

Author of A Divine Connection. Check out our review here.







To be sure, we’re thankful for each and every reader and follower.

We love you all bunches. But we wanted to give a special shout out to the authors listed above for going “above and beyond the call of kibble” when it comes to engaging and building bridges.


Extra drumsticks for everyone! (Don’t tell Mom I said that, okay? :))

6 thoughts on “The KIMBER Awards!

  1. I’m honored! Thank you! And Sam thanks you, too!

  2. This was a nice surprise for my day! One more thing to be thankful for this week. Thank you to Kimber the Magnificent and the equally magnificent Kristine!

  3. I am very honoured to be featured here. I was so surprised that I checked the site twice just to be sure 🙂 I am so motivated to up my game & write better novels.

    Thank you so much for making my day 🙂

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