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My Biggest Blogging Mistake – And How You Can Avoid It (Part 2 of 2)

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Whoa! Hold on there, pardner! Before sashaying into today’s post, check out part 1 by clicking here.

That’s okay. I’ll wait.

So. When it comes to blogging mistakes and what not to do, I learned that “A list” bloggers – those with tens of thousands of readers – have one thing in common:

They provide value-added to their readers.


In others words, it’s not about them.

Biggest Mistake

My biggest blogging mistake? Not understanding what my readers are interested in. What matters to them. Unlike the “A-listers,” I was mostly blogging about me.


Big mistake.


Face it. Unless you’re a celebrity, no one really cares what you had for breakfast. Where you’re going on acation. Chances are good that no one’s dying to hear your take on who’s going to win this year’s pennant or what you’re wearing today.


Not About You

In other words, when it comes to blogging, it’s Not. About. You.


It’s about what you have to offer your audience. What helps them grow. Dig deeper. Learn. Expand.  It’s about how you can enrich their day.


When I finally figured this out, people started responding. And little by little, my blog is growing.


Thank you.


A Final Word

Writing is one of a few select pursuits with the potential to move millions. Make the world a better place. More interesting. Engaging. Thoughtful. Entertaining.


As a writer, you have a great opportunity – the chance to explore, inspire and enlighten. Challenge. Quench thirsts. Revive hearts. Expand minds. Encourage the faint-hearted. Offer a compass to the lost. Pour light into dark places.


Remember that when you’re working on your next post. And ask:


  • How can I help?
  • What resonates with my readers? (If you’re not sure, ask)
  • What problem do I want to solve with this particular post?
  • Is my take on this subject interesting? Unique? Entertaining?
  • Why do I care about this topic and how will it impact my readers?
  • What “value added” does this post provide for my readers?



Infuse your blog with your personality and perspective, yes. But don’t make it wholly and solely All About Me.

And don’t give up.

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Because we need you. We need your stories. Your voice. Your light in dark places. Tell us how you lit a candle so we can share that spark. And serve each other as we learn and grow and blog.


What helpful tip or insight can you offer another blogger today?

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