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Caring, Crafting, and Rekindling

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Remember my post from awhile back, Andretti, Puccini, and 120 MPH With Your Hair on Fire?  (That’s okay. I’ll wait.)

Anyway, that post talks about  re-charging the ‘ole creative batteries and caring for your heart.  About slowing down long enough to drink in some beauty. Share grace.  Rekindle your sense of awe and wonder and delight.  I offered some suggestions.

So writer, how are you caring for your craft by caring for your heart today?

If you’re running around at warp speed, may I make a suggestion – and offer an example? Take a few moments to slow down and enjoy this cool video by The Piano Guys,  (It’s even better if you know the lyrics.) 

Be refreshed. 

Then share with a friend who could use a boost. Tell us who you shared it with in the comments section. You might also let us know how you care for your craft by caring for your heart:

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