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Books to Grow By – How Many Have You Read?

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Books to Grow By:

As mentioned last time, if you’re a writer, chances are you’re also a reader.  So let me ask: have you seen the list of Books Everyone Should Read that’s floating around Facebook?  Did you read it?

I did.  IMHO, several of the titles were questionable and many books that should’ve been included weren’t.  So I came up with my own list: Books to Grow By.

Classic, contemporary, and just for fun titles are included, plus some surprises.  (Note: With apologies to high school English teachers everywhere, I simply cannot abide ‘stream of consciousness’ prose a la Faulkner, which is one reason The Sound and the Fury isn’t included.  Ditto Wuthering Heights and The Great Gatsby.)  You’ll also find evidence of my conviction that some of the finest literature ever written can be found in the Children’s Section.  Selections appear in alpha order by title.

Click here for the full list. 🙂

Coldwater Lake - Mount Saint Helens.

How many of these have you read?  What are YOUR favorites?  Share in the comments section.

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