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‘The Clause in Christmas’ Warms Hearts

The Clause in Christmas

By Rachel Bloome

Published by: Secret Garden Press, 2019

Genre: Clean Romance/Fiction/Women’s Fiction

“Love always hopes and always perseveres.”

Never heard of Rachael Bloome? Poppy Creek? Ru and Sprinkles? Take heart, Buttercup. We hadn’t either. Until one of us – the two-legged one- randomly grabbed The Clause in Christmas off her Kindle e-shelf the other day. Maybe cuz it’s finally getting cold out. Just right for snuggling up in front of the fireplace with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. And a World Famous Bookish Dog. You know. Yours Truly.

‘The things I do for Mom.’ Sheesh!

While visions of sugar plums and a nice, thick juicy sirloin dance in our heads. And the prancing and pawing of each little hoof…  Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah. Got a bit carried away with the Christmas spirit for a min.

Merry and Bright

Anyway, today we’re talking about The Clause in Christmas. 

All things merry and bright twinkle and shine in this light-hearted, uplifting romance with a sprig of whimsy and a hearty batch of “edible kindness.” It has a homespun, folksy feel to it that’s warm and welcoming without being sappy. Delightful!

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