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Will His Secret Destroy All in ‘The One You’re With’?

The One You’re With

By Laura K. Denton

Thomas Nelson, 2021

Genre: Clean Romance/Christian Fiction

Via: Library

“Edie was a mother, and mothers had certain codes, just like doctors. Do no harm. Put others first. Help when needed. And always love – even when it’s hard. Even when it flies in the face of everything you feel.”

The One You’re With is a love story. Only it’s probably not the kind you may be thinking of.  In fact, it’s anything but a frothy “beach read.” This book is sturdy and substantive. It’s about love. Loyalty. Sacrifice and selflessness. Sticking with it and standing firm, even when the chips are down. It’s about choices and consequences. Mistakes. Grace. And most of all, second chances.

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