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Electrifying New YA Novel DISCOVERS Dazzle

Kimber yukking it up with her BFF, Xenia. Is it dinnertime yet?

Discovery of the Five Senses: The Urban Boys

By K.N. Smith

Via: Author Request

Genre: Young Adult/Light Fantasy/ Action and Adventure

Note: We received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Before we jump into this review, Kimber wants to make one thing perfectly clear: She is not happy about Her Momness forgetting dinner because she was so absorbed in this book, she forgot what time it was.

Not that we’ve got that out of the way…

Basic Plot

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as five high school friends battle evil with their unusual gifts and abilities. Meanwhile, there’s a reason the nearby “forbidden preserve” is forbidden. You so do not want to go there.

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