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12 Ways to Bless Others This Christmas

Christmas is a time for joy! For celebrating! For family and friends! It’s a time for Child-like wonder and merry-making. But shadows can also hover over the season, intensifying feelings of loneliness or loss.

For those whose family relationships are strained or difficult, the obligatory annual Christmas gathering can feel like getting a root canal. And may be just as dreaded.


For those who’ve lost loved ones, the holidays may accentuate those absences.


Singer/songwriter Matthew West understands this.


West came out with a song awhile back that captures both the joy and sense of loss that can accompany the season: “The Heart of Christmas.”


It’s a perennial favorite. Lyrics include:


“Wherever you are, no matter how far
Come back to the heart, the heart of Christmas
Live while you can, cherish the moment
The ones that you love, make sure they know it
Don’t miss it, the heart of Christmas.”

While you’re celebrating and making merry this season, can you slow down and remember those who may be struggling?


Here are 12 Ways To Bless Others This Christmas:

πŸŽ„Donate to your local food bank
πŸŽ„Befriend an elderly neighbor. Just starting a conversation can have a positive impact. You can also offer to help with practical tasks like shopping or dog-walking or getting them to medical appointments.
πŸŽ„Invite international students over for dinner
πŸŽ„Give a generous tip to a friendly customer service worker like a waiter or barista
πŸŽ„Buy a homeless person a sandwich and a hot drink
πŸŽ„Help someone who’s struggling with their luggage on public transport and/or give up your seat for same
πŸŽ„Buy your friend chocolate when they’re feeling down. Listen more than you talk if they need to vent
πŸŽ„Treat a friend to a movie or a trip to a Christmas tree farm. Serve hot cocoa and cookies afterwards.
πŸŽ„Be extra patient with retail workers, many of whom are stressed and harried this time of year. Don’t forget to thank them and say “Merry Christmas”!
πŸŽ„Bake and deliver homemade goodies to your local police and/or fire departments with a note of thanks
πŸŽ„Offer free babysitting to friends with small children so Mom and Dad can have a Parents Night Out.

“Come on and open up your eyes!”