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GUEST POST: Author Mary Alford & ‘It All Starts With an Idea’

Oh boy! Oh Bowzer! Oh Rin Tin Tin!

Kimber the Magnificent here. I’m doin’ my tornado tail-waggin’ thing today. Know why? Cuz today’s one of my favorite kinda days! It’s a Guest Post Day with a New Favorite Author! It’s also a day when we get to find out where an author gets her ideas – setting, characters, plot and stuff like that. Have you ever wondered about that? We have!

So today’s your Bow-Wow Day! Yes siree, Lassie! We’re getting to know Mary Alford, author of Among the Innocent. (Read our full review here.) And she’s goin’ to answer that question and more! (Think of it as Sirloin Steak Day with a side of T-bone!!)

Ready? Set? Let’s go!

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