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Sneak Peek at ‘The Missing Peke’

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The Case of the Missing Peke

By Kate Darroch

Publisher: Ad Astra Press (March 2023)

Genre: Fiction: Cozy Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 30

Via: Bittersweet Book Tours

Note: We received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Okay. First off. Who can resist a cover like this? I mean, c’mon. Talk about “Too Cute!” Even the neighbor’s cat is gonna want to snuggle up with this sweet little fella. You will too after a few pages. Like this:

Move over, Sherlock. (Or maybe we should say “Mycroft”? You’ll get that if you read the book.) There’s a new kid in town. Name’s Hart. Huntingdon Hart. He’s a “devilishly charming” billionaire and sometimes sleuth on the trail of a missing dog. A “mini pedigree Pekingese puppy” named “Montfort Simmelcrop Harrell the third,” to be exact.

Kimber: If my name was “Montfort Simmelcrop Harrell the third,” I’d go missing, too.

“Someone say ‘dinner’?”

Wait. Where were we?

Oh yeah. The case of the missing Peke.

Hunt on the Hunt

Anyway, “Hunt” is on the hunt for the little ankle-biter when he finds a racehorse named Sunshine Cove. Without giving too much away, let’s just say the mystery is soon solved and Hunt is on the hunt for the reward. Or is it a moola mirage?

This is a fun and frolicking story set in modern day Upper Shrewsbury, England. Kimber: No idea where that is. Can I eat it? “King and country and all that,” what?

The Conan Doyle-esque Case of the Missing Peke is Book 1 in the Huntingdon Hart Investigates series. We like the animals best. The duchess? Not so much.


Our Rating: 4.0








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