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Kimber to the ‘Rescue’!


Mom here.

I know you’re all ginormously disappointed that a little furry face we all know and love isn’t kicking off today’s post. Sorry ’bout that. (Naw. Not really.) But there’s a reason I’m leading off today:

This post is about a wonderful little book I recently came across via Net Galley. It’s called Ava Loves Rescuing Animals.

Talk about a girl after my own heart!

Did you know that Kimber’s a rescue dog? Yeppers. She came to us in 2016 via a mutual friend who works at the local rescue shelter. Kimmi was ten weeks old going on 92, if ya know what I mean. She’s been an Absolute Delight ever since! (Don’t tell Kimber I said that, okay? I’ll never hear the end of it!)

So I wanted to share this delightful book with you, with a sweet furry face in mind. Here goes:

Ava Loves Rescuing Animals

By Jess French

Genre: Children’s/Non-Fiction

Pages: 48

Ages: 4 to 7

Via: Net Galley

Note: We received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This top-notch story tells young readers how and why a young girl rescues animals. It’s packed with keen observations, animal facts, and age-appropriate practical tips for protecting animals and the world we share.

The 4-1-1

Ava lives with her grandparents. They run an animal rescue center. Her grandfather is a veterinarian. Ava helps her grandmother prepare for a new arrival.

In anticipation of the new animal arrival, Ava and her grandmother take a walk to the pet store for supplies. Along the way they meet or discuss amphibians, reptiles, and a variety of mammals.

They also discover and discuss fun facts about animals and identify different animal footprints, poop, how horses and donkeys are related, dogs with jobs, and animal groups such as carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. Examples of animals in each category are discussed. Also, ecosystems, food webs, habitats and homes. Vibrant, colorful illustrations complement the text.

When Ava and her grandmother get home, the new animal rescue has arrived. In fact, there’s more than one. The new residents are “small and fluffy, with long ears, huge feet, and cute, fluffy tails.”


The book ends urging readers to “get to know the animals that live near you” by looking for clues “like footprints and poop.” Then just be patient and wait. Also included is a list of Stay Safe reminders when meeting animals both domestic and wild. Also how to be an animal hero and tips for protecting all animals and the world they live in.

This book is terrific! Ava Loves Rescuing Animals not only teaches young readers why and how to rescue and safely interact with animals, it also urges readers to be kind to animals and treat animal habitats and the environment with care and respect.

Readers ages four to seven and animal lovers of any age will enjoy this book.

I LOVED it! And so did a sweet furry face we all know and love!

Ava Loves Rescuing Animals launches on April 18. I’d get in line quick ‘fize you! Cuz this one’s a keeper!

16 weeks old!

Our Rating: 5.0

2 thoughts on “Kimber to the ‘Rescue’!

  1. Ava Loves Rescuing Animals sound wonderful. I have 3 rescued dogs too and it’s a great way to find a friend

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