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EBook or Hard Copy?


Dear eBooks:

It’s not personal. After all, you’re pretty cute. Shiny and sleek. Portable. Lightweight and easy to carry. Slim and trim. Convenient.

And we still don’t like you.

We prefer hard copy. Like, a real, live physical book with actual paper pages. That you can actually turn. Crease. Stick a bookmark in to save your place.

We like hearing the satisfying creak a New Book makes when it’s opened for the first time by a brand new reader. Or the smack of a just finished book when you snap the cover closed.

We like the way hard copy books feel. How you can brush the cover with your fingertips. Open it with your hands. Thumb the pages. Tuck it under your arm.

Additionally, one of us has been reading books since shortly after the Ark made landfall. And eBooks hurt Momasaurus’s eyes. Cause fatigue. Headaches. Eye strain.

You do not want any of the above coming through in a book review if you’ve submitted your magnum opus via eBook, okay? (Trust me on this.)

Book dinosaurs of the world, unite! As long as we’re talkin hard copy, okay?


Kimber and Mom

Which do you prefer – eBook or hard copy?

8 thoughts on “EBook or Hard Copy?

  1. Hard copy without a doubt. I love browsing friends book collections, and I have a number of friends who love to browse mine.

  2. Sorry… I love my Kindle. I have moved all over the world so many times, print books just became so difficult. And I like to increase the font on my Kindle so my old tired eyes can read better. I do admire folks who have huge bookshelves in their homes, and I can appreciate why people love print books. Just not for me.

  3. Hard copy, hands down. I keep trying to like my kindle, but just can’t get there. And when I had my own book translated to ebook, I just don’t like what the formatting does to it. I’d much rather people read the hard copy version.

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