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GUEST AUTHOR: E.B. Roshan & the Shards of Sevia


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Kimber the Magnificent here. Every once in awhile Mom and I get to do something super duper fun. Besides dinner. Or bacon. Or a nice, thick, juicy New York steak…

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Oh yeah. Super duper fun. We get to do a guest post by new authors who write really good stuff. Today is one of those days! We’re delighted to introduce E.B. Roshan, author of the Shards of Sevia series. Today she tells us a little more about her background, writing process, and her book series. Take it away, E.B.:

I’m E.B. Roshan, the author of the ongoing Shards of Sevia series. I’m also wife to an exceptional man and the mother of two lively boys who love stories just as much as I do. If I ever break my back, it will be while carrying home our weekly pile of loot from the library.

After enjoying a nomadic lifestyle for several years, living in the Middle East and Asia, we’ve settled in Missouri—at least for now.

I enjoy writing stories very much, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot of work. I often warm up by editing or revising the bits I’ve already written, because a brand-new, blank Word Doc looks so intimidating!

My latest novel, Love Costs, is the third book in the Shards of Sevia series—a blend of romantic suspense and alternative history. The stories are set in the fictional country of Sevia, where Dor, the capital city, is being torn apart by the fighting between the two main ethnic groups, Sevians and Tur. The setting and conflict were inspired by the years I’ve spent in some of our real world’s most troubled places, but aren’t really based on any of them.

 By the time Book Three in the series rolls around, the conflict has become so bad, the International Peacekeeping Force (convenient fictional stand-in for NATO/ISAF) has been sent into the country to end the violence.

When Radoslav, a Sevian man, gets a job as an interpreter with the foreign troops, he meets Dunya, a young Tur refugee who has lost almost everything, including her beloved cat. Even though they happen to be on opposite sides of the conflict, they keep running into each other. One thing leads to another, and they don’t exactly fall in love, but…you’ll just have to read the story to find out what happens!

Both the hero and heroine of Love Costs are minor characters pulled from earlier books, so in a way, they were just there, waiting for me to use. That’s the fun thing about a series. You’ve got a lot of characters and situations to work with, and more time to do it in. So far I’ve written three out of the six books I’ve planned for the Shards of Sevia series. The second half of the series will continue the adventures of the three couples I introduced in the first half.

I’m a Christian, so I want all my stories to reflect my faith in Jesus. While the Gospel message is not necessarily overt in this fictional series, it’s always there, just a layer or two beneath the surface. In Love Costs, I want to show that truly loving someone may not be easy or fun, but it’s always worthwhile. Both Radoslav and Dunya learn that love is a deliberate choice, not a feeling.

E.B. Roshan, author of the ongoing Shards of Sevia series.

 If you’re interested in learning more about me and my books, you can check out my website and blog at:



Our review of Love Costs will be up on November 18. Stay tuned!

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  1. Congrats on your series, E.B. Best wishes.

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