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5 Simple Strategies to Build Your Blog



Does this sound familiar:

Are you are blogger? Would you like to control your own schedule? Do you want and make money at it? How about making enough money from your blog to be able to quit your job and blog full time? Let me show you how to build a money making blog!


Just enroll in my specially-discounted razzle-dazzle on-line course and you can make money with your blog, too!


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this. It’s basically a sales pitch. Other bloggers promising you fame and fortune by selling their blog-building “strategy” to hungry bloggers like you.


It usually includes something along the lines of, “for the low, low bargain basement prices of just – usually hundreds of dollars – enroll in my razzle-dazzle blogging pro course and you’ll be on your way to paying your mortgage by becoming a career blogger! Or:


I want to see you become successful as quickly as possible, but you have to have us help you get there. Enroll today and you get immediate to bonus content!


Look Closer

It’s a quick way to drop a bundle.


If you want to go that route, fine. But look closer. See the second half of the phrase noted above?  “… but you have to have us help you get there.” (Emphasis added.)


Translation: Cough it up, buster, or you’ll never make it?

Really? I have to pay someone hundreds of dollars to be a “successful” blogger? Whatever that means.

Does that make you wonder if these folks make their money blogging, or pitching blogging courses to gullible big blogger wannabes?


Still Learning

In my 10+ years of blogging on various topics and in various venues, I’ve tried many strategies for growing my blog(s). I’m still learning.


I’ve tried “12 step” programs for making money by blogging. Ditto Google Adsense and affiliate programs. I’ve attended numerous blogging “how-to” webinars. Published one post a week for a year+. Started an email list. Launched a signature product. Published a manifesto.


And on and on.


Some of these strategies work better than others. But bottom line? Building a blog is like building a relationship. It takes time and effort.


Here are my top 5 simple strategies to build your blog (none of them cost you a cent.):


  1. Find your niche (what are you passionate about?), write compelling content to engage your audience, and reciprocate.
  2. Find your niche, write compelling content to engage your audience, and reciprocate.
  3. Find your niche, write compelling content to engage your audience, and reciprocate.
  4. Find your niche, write compelling content to engage your audience, and reciprocate
  5.  Write short sentences and paragraphs with attractive graphics (Hint: Canva). Use Pinterest to promote your posts. Learn some basic marketing techniques like SEO optimization and tags.


I’m not being redundant here. It all boils down to engaging and reciprocating. (For more, see: How to Choose a Niche For Your Blog (That You Won’t Regret Later)

 Also: Be authentic. Don’t try to to copy someone else or be someone you’re not. You have your own style. Your own voice. Your own story to tell. Say it your way.

Do Some Scouting

Instead of dropping a bundle on the latest razzle-dazzle blogging course that promises the moon, scout out a like-minded community of bloggers. Like a Facebook group. Dive in. Actively participate. Join threads and discussions. Post questions. Listen to answers and advice. Reach out. Engage. (Note: As with most online communities, there are usually some deadbeats in these groups. People who are all take and no give. Don’t bother with them. Just move on.)


Then take the time necessary to read other blogger’s posts and leave a comment and/or share links. Ask for a guest blogger spot and/or offer guest slots.


You’ll also need to crank out compelling, interesting content. But reciprocity is key. You help another blogger grow their audience and they do likewise.


It’s also free.


Up for a Guest Post?

What blog-building strategy works best for you?


I’m holding a guest slot for you if you’d like to tell us more.


Interested? Drop a comment and I’ll get back to you with details.


12 thoughts on “5 Simple Strategies to Build Your Blog

  1. I did things like guest posts and “Platform-Building Campaigns,” and I followed Alex J. Cavanaugh and visited all the bloggers who posted on his blog or at his Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Other bloggers would often reciprocate my comments, but nothing ever really took off for me, and I eventually stopped blogging. Nowadays my blog posts are few and far between, and the majority of my visitors are bots. I doubt you need a failed blogger doing a guest post.

  2. That was supposed to be, “If you ‘like’ posts about failed blogs…”

  3. I also had a hiking blog I worked on really diligently. For 3 years. It was like talking to myself. Also felt like a colossal waste of time. So I quit. And returned to another love: books.

  4. Okay. If you posts about failed blogs, I’m your girl!!

  5. i just started this word press blogging thing and I’m pretty excited yet very nervous since i don’t know anything about blogging, not even the ABC’s .
    my topic is more of a don’t know how do i explain, but like inside of a brown house thing
    thins going inside a brown house and topics like that
    so i need information on how to do it
    if you can help that is😅

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